More life, More Blessings! Diana B’s plan for nannys’ birthday

Diana Marua’s beautiful family recently planned a surprise for her nannies Josephine and Irene.

Diana Marua took her troop for an outing to celebrate her 2 nannys’ birthday.

Josephine and Irene feature alot on her Instagram and fans have come to know them.

‘i was just in the house randomly, and I had no idea it was her birthday, i was doing nothing and then akina morgan came and told me ngai mum you know its Aunt Josephines birthday today, i ae her Id he i turning 30, so I decided e got a cake for Auntie josephine, e are going to surprise her with the cake’

Diana had also missed her other nanny Irene’s birthday because at the time she was sick and they we are also moving in to their new home.

Diana told Irene that she will increase her salary to make up.

Rillah kahiga…
You’re heart is pure ❤️😊how u Soo thoughtful about others 😭😭MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY DEE🙏🙌❤️

Faith Joshua..
The lord brought you Dee to people’s life as a blessing may you be blessed forever 🙏 🙌 ✨ ❤ and happy birthday to Josphine am learning alot from your family

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