Monicah Kimani  who was murdered in Kilimani

Witch doctor reveals to police why Monicah Kimani was brutally killed

The murder of Monicah Kimani has taken a new twist after it emerged that a witch doctor is at the centre of the murder investigation.

Monicah’s body was discovered with her mouth taped shut to stop her from raising the alarm, her hands tied at the back, legs tied too, rendering her helpless. Her throat was slit open. Basically, her neck was nearly severed.

Monica’s body was found in her apartment at Lamuria Gardens off Denis Pritt road in Nairobi on September 20.

Mungu mpe nguvu!Jacque Maribe arrested in connection with Monicah Kimani’s gruesome murder detained at Gigiri police station

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

The homicide detectives on the case have fingered Jacque Maribe and her fiance, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu for the crime.

Now, a  missing suspect in the murder of Monicah is reported to have travelled to Mombasa to seek “cleansing” by a witch-doctor, police have said.

A team of detectives has been in Mombasa since Sunday checking out known witch doctor venues because they had a tip that the suspect could have gone to a witch doctor or two for “blessings”.

Jacque Maribe and fiancé Jowie meet for the first time in court to face murder charges (Viral Photo)


Sources in the team said they were pursuing good leads on the possible whereabouts of the mystery suspect in Mombasa.

According to the detectives, the suspect was believed to be holding vital evidence taken from Monicah’s house, including some cash, the killer weapon, house and car keys, and clothes.

‘Jacque Maribe and her househelp helped Jowie’s blood off the floor,’ Sources reveal

“Preliminary investigations have established that Irungu was seen in the company of another person near the crime scene,” said the police in an affidavit.

“The identity of the person seen with Irungu has yet to be established but the investigating team is following leads,” they said.

According to a timeline pieced together by the police, Jowie drove Jacque’s car in and out of the crime scene.

Jacque Maribe's fiancee Jowie
Jacque Maribe’s fiancee Jowie

Images of the car captured by surveillance cameras on the roads he used from off Denis Pritt Road to his residence in Lang’ata show the driver was in the company of another man whose identity police are searching for.

Police said the suspect was believed to have been in the company of another suspect, Joseph Irungu, on the day Monica was killed.

TV journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancé, Irungu, are set to be charged in court on Monday over the murder.

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