Size 8 and DJ Mo together

‘If its money, she better not get saved,’ What DJ Mo told Size 8 before salvation

DJ Mo and Size 8 have debut their family show ‘Dine With The Murayas’ on TV and on Monday, the ‘Afadhali Yesu’ hitmaker shared her story of coming from the secular world to gospel music.

The singer says she had everything she wished for but was not content because she wanted to serve God.

‘Immediately I got what I wanted I started slipping into depression. I can never explain it. All that I was a secular artiste I never took alcohol. Naenda kwa bar sina tabu hapo mbele nakunywa pekee yangu, my relationships are not working.I was glowing everywhere but I am not myself. I’m so under pressure to perform better than what I used to do or previous performance’

Adding that,

‘I didn’t have real friends. I started becoming a person I didn’t really like and I remembered that happy girl who was in state house girls so bubby and I missed that girl born again girl – linet munyali. I just miss being loved for linet and not for size 8’

After she decided to start doing gospel music, Size 8 was then faced with more criticism after she announced her salvation with the song ‘Mateke’.

‘I knew I was ready for the economic downfall. But I got so much hate on social media and I was really hearttbroken. I didn’t know that that was the beginning of all the negativity I have seen on social media. There’s is a time I trended and memes were everywhere. The name propelled and became more famous than I was in the secular world’.

Her husband DJ Mo cautioned her before getting into the gospel industry that she should not do it for money

‘I told her, if she wanted to get into this side because of money, she better not get saved but when she said she was serious, I knew t wasn’t about money.’

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