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‘Moment of life’ Comedian YY reveals he is the newest dad in town

Actor, writer, Director YY has revealed he is the newest dad in town.

The comedian on his Instagram page, surprised everyone when he told his madam had delivered a daughter to a king.

He told ‘The mother to the daughter of a King❤… stronger than a Moissanite…I would have played you a song but you holding my guitar in your hand…I can’t tell you enough how much I honour your selflessness…Thank you for pushing….I want you to choose a destination you would love to visit..na isikuwe nje ya Nairobi please ni January’

He also captioned a second picture that this is ‘a moment of life’ leaving his fans awed.

YY also tagged his wife Marya who is an interior designer-cum actress.

We wish the couple all the best.

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