Moesha with Bob Collymore

Moesha, the girl who Inspired Bob Collymore to support her girls initiative

Moesha Kibibi is one woman who inspired both Bob Collymore and Churchill. Who could she be? She is the woman behind the Divas Power Initiative.

Founded by Moesha Kibibi, a professional dancer, Divas Power seeks to reach and empower kids from slums across the country.

Moesha’s story is one of struggle, trouble, hope, hope, and eventual redemption. She was at one time a facing a bleak future. Why? She had been chased away from home because of her passion for dancing.

Moesha with Betty Kyallo
Moesha with Betty Kyallo after the fame she got after her Churchill Show performance

The consequences for her decision were that she was locked out of home at 13 and had to fend for herself in the streets of Majengo, Nairobi. In order for her to succeed she had to sell groundnuts. At night, she would gang up with other street children to sleep at the space her dance group used for practicing.

Moesha remembering Bob

She ganged up to sleep with other kids in the night to avoid dangers the night could present. During that time she was nearly raped 4 times!

But she was able to get out of the mess. Eventually, her resilience paid off and now she is inspiring many young girls to pursue their dance passion as well.

Eventually, Bob Collymore using his Safaricom initiative, Ndoto Zetu, came to her aid.


Through the initiative, Safaricom promised to sponsor 18 girls from her organisation for five years as a commemoration of the company’s 18-year stint in Kenya.

In that way, Moesha was able to hand the needy girls the lifeline they needed. The girls’ eyes are now open to possibilities – that there are answers out there waiting for them to find, that there are empty desks and incomplete teams and people waiting for them to join.

Fast forward to 2019, Moesha made it and is now helping over 2500 girls wade through the murky waters of poverty.

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