‘Mnapenda kusifu sana wakenya wako majuu’ Nyashinsky blasts Kenyans

Kenyans have often been criticized for not supporting local talent. Whether true or not, this is a theory that seems to have caught the attention of singer Nyashinski.

It’s been said that unlike other countries where citizens and leaders lay all activities aside to celebrate their own, most Kenyans don’t even bother knowing who, when and where the win came from. Recognition mainly comes when the Kenyan who wins is playing for a foreign country. Kweli rongo?

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Take for instance Lupita Nyongo, Barrack Obama and Edi Gathengi who were only recognized here in Kenya after becoming famous in the foreign countries they relocated to or grew up in.

Local artiste Nyashinski has decided not to let this lie low by calling out to Kenyans to stop the pretense already.

Taking to his Insta stories he wrote

“Wakenya tunakuaga patriotic sana ikifika time ya kusifu wakenya wako country za wazungu. Sijui vile si hutafuta mpaka tupate mtu ako na great grand aunty Mkenya hata kama Ukenya yake ni 6 %.

Headline zote unaona tu ‘Croatia with Kenyan roots scores own goal in world cup’ tunacelebrate mbaya lakini unajam Mkenya akaienda kukimbilia Denmark kwa Olympics kama alizaliwa Kenya.Water your own lawns”

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Kenyan musician Victoria Kimani has landed the wrath of KOT after severally criticizing us for not supporting local talent.

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