Wilbroda and Mithika Linturi

‘Mleteni kwangu’ Wilbroda to Linturi after poor bedroom skills allegations

Actress Jacky Nyaminde a.k.a Wilbroda has come out to defend Senator Linturi.She argued that its bad to bad mouth your partner after a breakup.

Speaking live on Milele FM, she said:

Niko upande wa Senator. Why didn’t you tell us when you met that he couldn’t rise to the occasion? Why wait when you’re not in good terms and start going round talking about how he can’t perform?

Wewe ulishindwa kuamsha? Mimi nikapewa Linturi sahii, bendera inaweza kufuata upepo.


Linturi came under criticism after his wife in an affidavit told the court that one of the issues they had in their marriage is that Linturi could not perform in bed.

‘Linturi cannot perform in bed’ His Wife Kitany spills the beans

The issue seemed to have rubbed Nairobi governor wrong prompting him to come to Linturis defense.

This is nonsense of the highest order and totally unacceptable. The star is becoming a gutter press day by day. We shall not allow them to publish bedroom stories of other men with their wives.

Which journalist was present in their bedroom during that material night. Shenzi nyinyi. Linturi take them to court this is good money.


And since your matrimonial residence is in Nairobi I shall be an amicus curiae in this case on probono.

Musidharau wanaume to that extent na hata tukizeeka. God gave us tongues and fingers.

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