Mistaken identity! Wazir Chacha’s lookalike dumped by fiancee after photos surfaced with Sabina Chege

Sammy, as Murang’a Woman Representative, Sabina Chege refers to him, was dumped by the woman he was engaged to after the Wazir Chacha saga.

Samuel Wanjii, was mistaken for the conman who drove women in power crazy.This came about when the blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi leaked the photo of him with Murang’a woman representative.

The 22 year old, talks about what being mistaken for Chacha came with. Him being a church leader, he has been facing a lot of discrimination and the family almost disowned him and called him an embarrassment.

“My family and relatives condemned me, telling me that I had embarrassed the family who is God fearing and that I needed to confess that I’m obsessed with sleeping with older women in exchange of money… My friends and former classmates mocked me and asked me to part with the money from MPs,” said Wanjii.

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He also said that his fiancee had stopped talking to him, no texts, no calls.

“This issue has claimed my fiancé who even after the arrest of Mr. Chacha has not responded to my text messages and calls,” he added.

In his defence, Murang’a woman representative, said in an interview, with Hot 96 that;

“The picture in circulation is of a young man called Sammy who has a small shop in Murang’a. Not Chacha. That picture was taken after I was announced the winner of the women representative seat Murang’a,”

The 22-year-old reveals he is planning to sue the controversial blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation.

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