Mishi Dora had a slim chance of walking again after multiple surgeries

Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dora has revealed that she was once crippled.

Mishi Dora
Mishi Dora. photo credit: Instagram/Mishi Dora

The reality star shared past photos in a wheelchair narrating how she was confined to a wheelchair and doctors told her she would never walk again, leaving her heartbroken.

Mishi Dora disclosed that she never lost hope and she thanks three special women for being there for her. In a lengthy post that has gone viral, Mishi is grateful to God for another chance and below is what she wrote:

“I’ve always used myself as an example to motivate someone out there… well this is my story.. 3-4 years ago I was crippled… I couldn’t sit on my own talk less of standing or walking… the doctors told me even if I will have 20 surgeries I’ll still not walk since I had multiple fractures…my heart sank… I was broken… but I never cried… because 3 most important people were there to support me… my daughter kept telling me it’s gonna be ok mamii… my mum Pat and sister Ruth supported me fully… then I got another mum at the hospital who was fighting for my rights.

People that I never knew neither had I EVER met showed me love.. a fundraiser was done by these very same people that knew nothing about me… and I was out of that hospital… The women you see in these photos are a true definition of WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE… I couldn’t give up simply because the doctors said I CANT and I WON’T.. I had people who were looking upto me… I am their breadwinner. I am their dad and mum that they know of… am their hope in life .. so how could I give up?? Just how?? she wrote in part.

Mishi added that:

“My body is full of scars.. ugly ones for that matter… but guess what.. I owe no one a smooth body… I owe no one a straight leg.. I’ve embraced my scars.. coz they are a part of me now.. every scar on my body, has a story of its own….. this is why I’m a strong woman.. and nothing moves me anymore..I’m very grateful to the almighty God that I’m still alive today. that’s the most important thing to me.”

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Mishi Dora has urged her followers to help her raise money so that her friend who passed away last week can be given a decent send-off.

“Shout out to you my beautiful people Litchkitch, EestherAchieng, Winnie and mostly this amazing man.. I call him penguin. God did it for me.. He can do it for you too..to cut the long story short… you can help someone that you barely know a thing about… PLEASE HELP ME LAY MY DEAR FRIEND TO REST .. PAYBILL 891300 Account BRAX.”

Here are the before seen photos of Mishi Dora in a wheelchair, go through


Mishi Dora


Mishi Dora
Mishi Dora in hospital


Mishi Dora


Mishi Dora


Mishi Dora


Mishi Dora

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