Mishi Dora

Mishi Dorah calls out her Boyfriend and Pendo for betraying her

The controversial curvy drama mama, Mishi Dorah, famously known for the reality TV show,Nairobi Diaries gave her fans some shocking news on a live video.

First, she alerted her fans by posting the below post;

Mishi Dora

Ciggie is her boyfriend who she has been flaunting lately. The tycoon is said to be very wealthy and strong.

Everything came to a stand still yesterday when Mishi exposed Ciggie and Pendo for betraying her. Apparently, they had been texting and conversing and Ciggie seems to have been double dealing both ladies.

Mishi Dora

This seems to have been just a photo but in reality it was a romantic kiss from each of the ladies.

The mother of two is known as queen of smack downs but on her live video she was in tears.

This is what she said;

” I cant be in the same show with you Ciggie,you have a job i dont have a job,go back to your job ,lemme continue being in Nairobi diaries coz this mt main hustle..This is what feeds my kids,this is what feeds orphans,my mum doesnt have a job now,i am the one who takes care of those people.This is what pays my bills.I dont go about sleeping with men to get money,i work for my money. Nairobi Diaries pays me for that money.

She said ‘her man’ had been flirting with other girls on the show and some confronted her and others didnt and that was Pendo. She added that she doesnt have a problem with Ciggie and Pendo picking things together.

This is when she gave the big announcement that she was leaving Nairobi Diaries.She continued to say;

“Ciggie wants to be in Nairobi Diaries and there is no way i can be with this same man,he’s made me lose my Job ,him threatening me with his mum oohh if i tell it publicly. He wants me to be fine publicly like me and him are still dating but we are not fine in real life,Just for him to continue with his fame.

Mishi Dora

She was so bitter and miserable as she spoke.She added:

“Ciggie will be in nairobi Diaries,he wants to take my position.”

All who are Mishi Dorah’s fans know she is a fighter and a drama mama. She revealed the most painful thing she has been experiencing,

Talking about Ciggie,’her man’

“Nigga has the guts to even Beat me up,forcing me to do things that he has his way,he has to be in Nairobi¬†Diaries and he has to be in Nairobi Diaries no matter what.”

She revealed that she has been locked up and in her bed for three consecutive days.She later thanked her fans and the people who supported her when she was still in Nairobi Diaries.

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