‘I miscarried after my ex husband threw me down the stairs’ Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh has said that her ex husband Olakunle Churchil never paid for anything during their wedding, and that their marriage was full of lies.

This she shared thought her You Tube channel because she wants to clear the air.

She says from the beginning there were red flags that she did not notice, as they didn’t live together at the time.

A lot of people said I was desperate for paying for my wedding.What they do not know is that I was living in Nigeria and he lived in Ghana.

When we were planning our wedding, he kept telling me to go ahead and spend, he would pay me back.

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Tonto Dike With Husband Olakunle Churchill
Tonto Dike With ex Husband Olakunle Churchill

I have documents that showed that he gave me 1.7 million and out of that his family had contributed 1 million Naira.

My friends boyfriend paid for the hotel that my husband made love to me in.

Before our wedding I flew my husband from Ghana and I even paid for the drinks on our wedding day.

She adds

I asked for the money when we got married because I knew I wanted to leave him. He payed me 10 million Naira as a cover for all the things I did.

He did not spend a dime even for food. I was pregnant for this man and what was I to do given that he had promised to reimburse my cash.

I do not want to break down but right now like I did before but right now I am a tiger but I feel bad, used and I am the biggest scam Churchil ever made.

I never wanted to have a child so I was not using the child to trap him.

I had mommy issues so I was scared of losing myself until I met a man who beat me, lied to me, to get what he wanted.

She adds

I even lost a pregnancy after he pushed me down the stairs. People would ask why I did not leave what they do not know is that it is not easy to walk away.

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