Kabi WaJesus and Milly WaJesus together

My then-boyfriend introduced us – Milly WaJesus reveals how she met Kabi

Kabi WaJesus and Milly WaJesus have a relationship that looks perfect from the outside (which no relationship truly is). The couple who has become YouTube stars with the weekly clips sharing the snippets into their most intimate moments have a very interesting story of how they met.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

Influencer Milly WaJesus recently opened up on how she met her comedian husband Kabi WaJesus, telling True Love, that they first met when she was in high school and her then-boyfriend, who was Kabi’s friend introduced them to one another.

Kabi and Milly wa Jesus reveal the secret to their happy marriage

That’s not all, they even went out for double dates and she had a picture of them on a date which she showed off to her friends in school.

“I met Kabi when I was in form two in high school. My then-boyfriend introduced us and we ended up going for two double dates with him and his then-girlfriend. I had a picture of four of us that I took to school just to show off my gang,” said Milly.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

Kabi himself had no thoughts about dating her because they were in other relationships, “It’s funny, because even back then I had an image of how my wife should look like. When I saw Milly, I thought she looked like my wife. Plus she was very nice. But at the time I had a girlfriend, and this guy was dating her. So I never thought of dating her,” stated Mr. WaJesus.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

The couple lost touch for a few years before meeting online while at University. The two got closer despite Kabi fearing what Milly’s ex (his friend) would think of them being together.

“I thought of asking her out but again she was my friend’s ex and bro code dictated I don’t. Even though he already had a wife and a kid. I kept thinking he might assume that I used to like Milly even before they broke up. So I was a little hesitant,” said Kabi.

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