Milly wa Jesus turns 28 with glorious plans from hubby Kabi


Milly wa Jesus is turning 28 and ont he eve of her birthday, her husband Kabi appeared to be planning something important that left her anxious.

Kabi came home all dressed and shaved and dyed his hair for her big day.

But gave Milly no indication of what was up. She expressed her anxiety to her fans on Instagram stories on Monday night saying

“I’m just here wondering yani kabi is planning ni kama ni birthday yake, sasa wewe unawacha tutu nikae
this time round nikianagali Kabi, the night to my birthday the guy is getting ready so  I don’t know what he has planned, so let’s wait and see”

The Wa Jesus family attracted amusing comments from their fans who told Milly to wait and see. They also sent her cute birthday messages wishing her love and happiness.

Meanwhile she has wished herself a great year writing “happy birthday to me its another year  another chance to live life to the fullest and make a difference in my generation. one of my prayer for this new year is that I will leave my life with purpose and everything I do will be aligned to Gods will. 28 has never felt this good to God be the glory for another year”

May this year be filled with love, happiness for you Milly. Happy 28th.

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