Mike Sonko

We will expose their side chicks! Sonko warns fellow leaders

Mike Sonko will go down in Kenya as arguably the most colourful politician that we have ever had. The Nairobi governor has a history of making interesting and controversial remarks that are either downright brilliant or leave you scratching your head.

His most recent fascinating remarks come after the death of Matungu MP Justus Murunga. As is the norm many times when a high-profile male politician died, a woman claiming to have had kids with the late has come out of the woodwork, something that hasn’t sat well with Mr. Sonko.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

Using his popular Twitter page the politician explained how shameful it was that most men live a double lives when they are on Earth, then let their wives deal with the shame after their death.

“Many of our leaders are not transparent to their wives and when they die, side chicks come from everywhere,” Sonko wrote.

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He called out the behaviour saying it was hypocrisy and condemned it strongly, saying that he would expose such evils no matter what positions his colleagues hold in the country. “We shall expose with evidence all the leaders who have been lying to their wives,” the governor added.

Matungu Murunga died on Saturday, November 14, at St Mary’s Hospital, aged 60. Shortly afterwards, his mistress Anne Wangui rushed to court on Wednesday, November 18, demanding to be recognised and included in his burial arrangements.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko in a file photo

Her request was granted after Milimani Law Courts Principal Magistrate Agnes Makau directed the family to stop any burial plans until her case was heard and determined, something to which Murunga’s widows Christabel and Grace argued against citing that the burial date had already been set and postponement would lead to a lot of inconveniences.

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