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My wife is a tanker! We drink together and I see no issue

Mike Mondo’s morning conversation today was a follow-up of yesterday’s topic on modern women outdrinking their men.

Mike asked, “Are there gentlemen out here that would be able to stay with a wife that drinks when he does not?”

Most of the men saw it as anathema and declared they wouldn’t wife women who still drunk alcohol in their relationships. 

Some of the responses are below:

No man wishes to have such a woman as a wife. And in such a case, the man probably has another better option.

Kama bwana hataki kukunywa fombe nitakunywa tu.

Hapa ni vile tu mtaelewana, hata bwana kuna kitu hata yeye hufanya lakini bibi hajui.

What nonsense is that, how can you entertain a drinking wife…its a taboo..when you are absent, someone will take the cue…its a NOOO.

My wife is a tanker…. Anakunywa kukunywa … Tunakumywa sisi wote so sioni ubaya …

Woiiiiii! I am just trying to imagine the whole scenario in that boma.

Yes, there are. I know of some. They’ll take you out, you have your drink and they take some soda/delmonte..

Good morning, its sad but hawa wanaume wakioa madem wanatoa kwa club, what do you expect?

Maina over my dead body.

Hapa wamekaliwa chapati ama ni aunty wa Harrier but let them know tutawaacha tukishawanyonya hitwo tupesa wako nazo watajua hawajui.

Hao wamekaliwa chapo.

….. YES, if it’s milk, coffee, tea or soda.But pombe, Never!!

I can’t buy that, I refuse to board. Reke nemwo ma!!!

Ngumu hii…it doesn’t work at all…

Acha kusumbua wewe, ambia serikali ikutaftie kazi.

Yes, there are. But that’s a lack of being in control as a man.

What the hell!!! I can’t imagine myself cooking, alafu ety bibi anateremsha mzinga ya Gilbeys!!! Never.

This won’t happen in marriage, ati anatumia cigar na Mimi ni juice tu. Ooliskia wapi Mike?

Nooo. Kwa nyumba ya nani?

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

The society tends to suppress women. I’ve been married for 7 years and we drink together. In case we are drinking separately and one is too high, you can call the other to come pick you up.

Each person marries some1 they are comfortable with, if you want a drinking partner that is up to you but personally, I don’t drink and I wl not be anywhere close to a drinking woman, how can a couple b drinking, who will even take care of the children? Or have them do their homework?

Ujinga iko kwa wanawake siku hizi..wacha tu!

Mkikunywa breki who will check on the kids at night… Can’t entertain such nonsense.

A Woman who drinks alcohol is a bad woman, what are you trying to show your children and community?!
Wangu akianza kukunywa, I’d rather divorce her.

How will you be respected… Imajin me waking up nikuhustle …. Alafu jioni simu..” beib niletee captain Morgan chaser na jamba ” 🤣🤣🤣

Maliza drums zako ukiwa msichana but tukioana that’s another serious chapter we’ve opened.

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