Mike Mondo reveals why four women hold a special place in his heart

Mike Mondo has revealed the women who have stood by him even before the media world knew of his existence. Among them is his mothers best friend.

Mondo attributes his radio career to Rahab Mwendwa, his mother’s  best friend.

He stated that Mwendwa was the first person who encouraged him to start doing radio after noting that he had the personality, voice, and charisma to succeed in the industry.

She was the first person to push me to do radio given that I had the character and the personality for it.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

During a recent interview Mondo praised  his grandmother, Mary Mwamodo for instilling a sense togetherness and resilience in the family unit.

In my house there is no man or woman so everyone has to work,She taught me how to cook and bake.

There was a time I went through a crazy face and so my grand mother taught me all these things.

Mondo described his mother as a strong woman who managed to raise four boys on her own after his father passed away.

He narrated how when his father passed, his mother was not working and had to get back into the job market and find a way to put all her children to school up to university.

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Mike also mentioned his auntie Elizabeth Mwangi, who took them in during a difficult period in their family journey.

He stated that Mwangi took care of him during his entire university days and early on when he started working, where she would provide bus fare and food among other essentials

‘There is a time we had no roof over our head and she took us in. My mum was working in Botswana and we were left in Nairobi and she took us in.

For my entire campus life she was my mum. Bus fare, food to my first ever job she was always there.

My son and daughter are my friends up to date.

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