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Mike Mondo laughs off report ranking Kenyan men the most faithful


In the Thursday July 22nd morning conversation, it was all about a report that suggested Kenyan men are the most faithful in Africa.

Mike reacted asking how this is possible in Kanairo, that is notorious for it’s habits

“How true is that” Mike asked “Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? How true is that na Nairobi venye sisi sote tuna share? Mike wondered

The report indicated that for the third time running Kenyan men have been crowned most faithful in Africa.

Co host Mwalimu King’ang’i was very proud and said “Kayamba kwao, you need to repeat that” Mwalimu told Mike.

Adding “Numbers don’t lie, research ndio hiyo na mko hapa mnatudharau, how good we are, caring, we are number one Mwalimu gloated. “We are number one in faithfulness”

Do you think Kenyan men are the most faithful? Mike opened up the discussion insisting that “coz the way I see Nairobi, I am questioning this research”

Ladies do you agree?

A Woman caller “I think the people which did this research ni mzungu mwitu. Wanapendelea wanaume wa kenya I don’t believe this research”

A man also disagreed with the findings “it’s laughable, juzi our leader alienda kiuumu alisema kwa media nitafutiwee hapa ka mtu juzi our speaker alikubali akasema ndio amepatiana kakitu kwa msichana, juzi our own number two akaitwa baba nani, infact the only faithful people ni mimi wewe na kingangi”

Even one more man laughed at it “That research is fake fake fake mike. hio research ni fake wakenya ni mafisi sana”


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