Mike Mondo disagrees with petition seeking to extend men’s paternity leave

 A petition has been filed before the labor court seeking to grant men a 90 day paternity leave.

On the Wednesday Janaury 5th conversation, Mike Mondo asked Kenyans to weigh inon the plan.

Mike laughed saying it is absolutely insane to give men those many days.

‘I want to find out whether or not you agree with dakatari. I’m sitting here wondering what am I going to do in the house for 90 days? hmmm’

Many Classic 105 audiences said it is too long, and men need to be out there getting paid not sitting at home. One man wondered whether he will be also breastfeeding.

Mike that’s a loophole for men to avoid work.

Sure, this happens in most countries around the world. Its also a way for fathers and newborns to bond.

Absolutely insane and not a thing for kenyans where majority are hustlers.Again it would be to much nagging to be with her at home for 90 days,mtazoeana na sio mimi nanyonya.

Noooo that’s unacceptableGrinning face they can extend a hand in the evening, after work.

90 days paternity leave look good until by the time it ends your wife tells you she’s pregnant again.

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