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Parents tell Mike Mondo their biggest concerns about schools re-opening

The topic of conversation today during the morning conversation touched on the government’s decision to re-open schools after the long closure due to Covid-19.

Mike Mondo who was standing in for Maina Kageni asked parents the questions on what was their biggest concern as their kids went back to school? “Do you have any concerns that the kids are going back to school? What is your biggest concern?”

Most parents were in agreement that it was hard for them to send the kids to school as they were worried about the lingering effects of Covid-19.

Some of the comments are below:

Things on the ground are very different. You can’t tell kids to wear the mask. I work in Mwingi where there is no water. The masks the kids came with on Monday were already dirty. It’s really hard to control the kids. I wish they had given them until December.

I am still observing. I will see what I will do next week but it’s not looking good.

Adults are showing a very bad example. Even if Covid-19 was to spread, many aren’t following the examples. Grown-ups should start showing a better example. If the adults were serious, our curve would flatten.

First thing I have no job. Secondly, the teachers didn’t have the facilities to support the kids. If I can’t help my kids at home, how will kids be controlled at school?

The problem isn’t with the govt but with us. We aren’t maintaining the discipline. We should maintain it so the kids can do so.

This Covid-19 is a scam. The govt can’t risk the children going to school. The infections are very low. 

My child is a candidate. Things are not safe at the moment even at home. Let the kids stay at school cause they are safer there. 

I am a teacher and mother. I teach at a posh school in Kilimani. I don’t want the kids to go back to school. I won’t take my daughter back to school until I feel comfortable.

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