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‘My mother would take my life’ Mike Mondo and Kingangi react to drunk youths in ambulance


Kenyans are upset over citizens who are breaking curfew and lockdown rules saying it makes it harder for the Government to fight the spread of covid – 19.

Over the weekend, a group of people caused a fracas online when it was revealed that they had defied lockdown orders, and traveled up country with an empty coffin.

The driver used a private vehicle to transport eight people from Nairobi to Homa Bay, pretending the passengers were mourners. The government is yet to respond to allegations that this is a ‘fake’ story.

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Others are breaking the dusk to dawn curfew and locking themselves in bars to drink, or attending parties in estates.

The latest is a group of youth who recorded themselves drunk in a an ambulance that was taking them home after they broke the curfew rule.

The youth did not appear to feel remorseful for their action, and KOT condemned them.

The behaviour of the youth and the parent responsible for calling an emergency vehicle were slammed on Classic 105 during the morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi.

Many are of the opinion that the youth these days are not being disciplined like back in the day, hence their ‘don’t care’ behaviour.

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Mwalimu recounted how his mother used to discipline him and would not tolerate such behaviour from him.

Mike Mondo also recalled the harsh punishment his mother meted out on him when he was a youth.

He told how his mother would punish him if he called her drunk asking to be rescued for disobeying curfew rules.

‘My mother would take my life and that would be the end of me,’.

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Callers were of the opinion that the behaviour of youth in Kenyan should be blamed on poor parenting. That todays parents are soft on their children, and that spanking needs to be brought back.

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with these views? Let us know int he comments section.

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