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Mike Mondo and Kingangi debate why husbands act different with wives and friends

Arguments like men are often pretenders, so goes the saying by the great Plato.

It believe pretenders are worse than murders, and when I left yesterday I went for lunch and bumped into a lady there.

It’s been almost 5 years, and she is the wife of a former colleague of mine. I noticed she was sad.

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I asked what’s wrong and she said no one will ever understand the problems she has been going through in her house.

Honestly I could not believe what she said because that man she was describing is not the man I know.

All his friends speak highly about him, he is also employee of the year, like he was just an angle to everyone, but apparentlyw hen he gets home he turns into a monster

it made me wonder about men like that. Men who outside home are very good, but at home are something else.

Girls, have you ever experienced that ladies?

The things that he puts you through you wonder what you did.

One female caller revealed that she totally understands what Mike Mondo was talking about.

I have such kind of man for him with his friends he is such kind of a guy he can do anything for anyone but kwa nyumba, he starts changing he starts bringing up some old issues, and when I ask him, he keeps quiet.

Another female caller confessed her harrowing experience at the hands of her hubby noting

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I used to work in a hotel and he used to leave chips and other things so I knew he was very generous man, but wait until I married him, he changed he even used to measure the mafutaa ya taa, mimi niliniga box knowing he is a very generus man, lakini kwa nyumba hata shilingi hauoni.

They are the worst. He calls me malaya, my real mother doesn’t believe me when I tell her he is violent, it’s happening and when you tell people they say I am the homewrecker,’

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It’s a decision you have to make as the husband. Keep on dating her, take her on date nights and she has to work hard on maintaining her beauty to attract you to her. Only then will you break the “mazoeano” factor.


I don’t know when you were dating not too Mich nagging went on now that your with him from Monday to Monday atachizi….
@shiku04544721 @Classic105Kenya
don’t men understand the best thing they can do for a woman is being what the wife expects you to be?It’s funny how women get treated so well the very 1st & 2nd year when they get married the 3rd one you become a trash.fights all over.why the sudden change #MainaAndKingangi

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