Okoth Obado

Obado or Obadiah? Kenyans ask as Migori Governor prominently featured in gospel song

Our politics and politicians know no shame, in Kenya and Africa, they take it to a whole other level.

That is a staple of the politics in our country-One minute you are an alleged sinner, the next you are a saint by virtue of going to church.

Just ask a crying William Ruto after he became the Deputy President in 2013. The man was inconsolable as he cried in a packed church, a performance that won the hearts and minds of many Kenyans then.

William Ruto crying in church
William Ruto crying in church

It seems that Migori Governor, Okoth Obado might have taken a page out of this playbook as the controversial politician was spotted in a gospel song.

Yep, you read that right. The lanky and bald politician was the main attraction as he joined an SDA choir as they sang their hearts out to God in Dholuo.

Obado dressed in clothes that were white as snow, smiled anytime the camera angled itself towards his face. The interesting fact about the song titled Pak Odogne Yesu by Rapogi Lwanda SDA Church is that it was released back in 2020 but became a hit on Tuesday, March 17.

Okoth has had a tough time as governor. Not only has he been implicated in an ongoing murder case but he has been the subject of many corruption cases.

But like the proverbial cat that has nine lives, it seems that none of the court cases has taken him down and he still keeps on standing. He should teach his ways to the likes of Sonko and Waititu.

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