Michelle Yola Finally Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Nairobi Diaries star Michelle Yola has finally shown off her baby bump and she is serving too much sauce with her cute baby bump. Sources said that she was expecting Prezzo’s child, rumors that the ‘king of blings’ said they were not true and that he is not the father of his ex girlfriend’s child.


Word has it that the father of her child would be her German boyfriend whom Yola says she has been dating for five months. Could this be true? Well answers will only come out after the baby is born.


The story about their breakup made her go silent on social media to avoid being asked questions and everyone who was asking about her past relationship and now she is back to let us know that she is fine and very pregnant


For the first time, she took to her instagram page to show off the bump and she looked very happy. All we wish her is that her baby grows healthy and a smooth journey.

Here are photos of Yola:




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