Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri being cyberbullied over LGBTQ


Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has been on vacay in the Coast and keeping up with your online shaming.

The rude comments and outright insults targeted at Makena have saddened Michele and Chiki Kuruka who have each sent a message of support to Makena Njeri.

“I was drunk and lost control of my tongue” Racist apologizes to David the Student

Makena is being cyber bullied with all sorts of negative comments criticizing her for her choice of life. She reacted in a lengthy post on Instagram that

Think about your disgusting behavior and remember you might be killing someone at the end of your comment.


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Makena shared screenshots of the hurtful comments to put trolls in their place. as Michelle and Chiki comforted her. Michele mentioned that she has been dragged into the cyber bullying after making comments about loving Makena, that she insists were taken out of context.

chiki suppors makena(1)
Chiki Kuruka to Makena
michelle to makena abotu trolls(1)
Michele Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri bullying


Folks, we’ve got to do better and let Makena be.

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