Michael Joseph speaking in a panel

I loved him. People misinterpreted our relationship – Michael Joseph says of Collymore

Michael Joseph has been the acting Safaricom CEO, since the death of the late CEO, Bob Collymore. The two were closer than most people think and had a very special relationship.

In a recent interview with Business Daily, Joseph narrated how their close relationship could be misinterpreted by many who knew them

“He used to send me books to read. I loved him. People misinterpreted it, they thought it was some other kind of relationship, but it wasn’t. It was always about two guys getting together and spending so much time talking about serious honest topics that guys don’t talk about especially when death was all around,” he said.

The boys club
The boys club that included; Alykhan Satchu, Patrick Quarcoo, Peter Kenneth, Jeff Koinange, Bob Collymore, Bharat Thakrar, Nic Hailey. Joshua Oigara

Joseph related that the two business titans shared so much in common that their lives became intertwined.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, I went through this life-threatening disease, and some tough emotional times. I promised to live the rest of my life to the fullest because I might have died in 2003,” he told the reporter.

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As a result of his cancer fight, the Safaricom CEO said he stopped fearing death, a sentiment he didn’t share for the late Collymore.

“With Bob, I was worried for him because he was younger, he had so much to live for, he had young children. And, he was just a good guy. A guy who read all these books. He had thousands of books,” Joseph said.

Michael Joseph speaking
Michael Joseph speaking

Joseph finished off by praising the late Bob as one of those people who he could approach with an issue and get a solution given the understanding they shared and also his experiences.

“This position is lonely. It’s a position of solitude where you have to make decisions and there aren’t many people to get advice from. Not many people know the context of which you’re making decisions. But Bob Collymore was one of them. I had dinner with Obama [Former US President Barack Obama] once. It was interesting. He was like everybody else; big ego. It’s difficult to talk about yourself in such situations, you want to talk about him,” he recounted.

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