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‘I ran Safaricom from a hospital bed’ – Michael Joseph reveals battle with cancer

Michael Joseph is the interim CEO of Safaricom at the moment.

This comes after the death of Bob Collymore that happened on Monday this week after a long battle with cancer.

Collymore was cremated yesterday in a private ceremony at the Kariokor crematorium.

In an interview on K24, Michael Joseph revealed his own personal battle with cancer.


Michael explained how back in 2003 he had suffered from colon cancer but was lucky enough to get treatment and survive it.

He said the situation was so severe that at some point, he had to perform his managerial duties while on a hospital bed.

He said;

Not many people know that I am also a cancer survivor and that I was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 whilst the CEO of Safaricom. I was fortunate enough to be diagnosed, treated, operated on and now I am a cancer survivor

Did he have any plans for dealing with the cancer pandemic affecting the country? He hinted that those plans might be in the offing now especially after the death of Bob.

Michael Joseph speaking in a panel
Michael Joseph speaking in a panel

He said;

I don’t have any direct plans to do that (set up a cancer center) although they should probably know that Safaricom Foundation has spent a lot of money in the health field. I am sure in the memory of Bob (Collymore), we will do more now in terms of preventing and helping the treatment of cancer.

In a previous interview with a local daily, Joseph explained that he approved some critical company projects while bedridden.

It was a long drawn out affair and for some time, I ran Safaricom from a hospital bed. People would bring me advertisements to approve and all that and then they would be worried because I had tubes running all over my body.

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