‘Put off all the lights and rest in peace’ Last words of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands

Hours before her death Mercy Wanjiku a woman found dead outside her home in Netherlands  posted a message on Facebook,and its shocking.

Partly the message says

“Leave Everything Behind. Stop working. Stop planning. Stop storing things. Stop keeping treasures. For this world you’re building is not a world it is just a small box. In a big sea.”

Think of how to leave Stop planning ahead Say you are tired All of you. Agree you are tired….Agree on a time.

And put off all the lights and rest in peace.”

Mystery deepens as a Kenyan woman found dead in Nertherlands is cremated against her family’s wishes


The message has left many wondering  if she had a premonition of her impending death.

Wanjiku had been in the Netherlands for two years after she married Daniel Erhardt in August 2016 and had been communicating with her family.

Speaking about his last moment with his wife and mother to his 6 month old son,David says that.

“My last memory of Shiquo (Wanjiku) is how she was singing and dancing for our son that Saturday evening, when I went to sleep.”

Photos of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands


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Wanjiku and Erhardt met online through a dating app called Tagged,Narrating how they met on his facebook page Daniel says that

“The first day we chatted we clicked during my first visit in Kenya, I fell totally in love with her.

We went to buy food stood at a butcher and she ordered the meat and spoke in her own language. I stood there understanding nothing and looked around like a tourist.

In a split second her voice changed and a dragon came out after a heated discussion I slowly saw how the butcher got scared, I could read it in his eyes.

We came out of the shop and she was still on fire. I asked what happened inside there and she told me the butcher wanted 50 per cent extra because she was with a Kamau (white person with money).

I was impressed.”

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