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Mercy Masika opens up about her acne journey and diagnosis


Gospel singer Mercy Masika took to Instagram to share an honest glimpse at her experience with acne, an effect of her ‘kitchen”

She wrote

When I got to 3rd floor I had serious painful Acne. It bothered me so so much because not only were the pimples painful , they were ugly. I’d be on tv and people kept advising. Visited so many skin care experts but the painful pimples didn’t go.

Acne is a common skin condition affecting many women between their teen years up to their thirties yet sadly for other women the challenge persists throughout their lives.

Mercy spoke of how her outbreaks affected her and she attempted to remedy her skin every way she was advised – including spending so much money.

She began doing her own research which led her to her kitchen ingredients.

Well I prayed and fasted and I was honestly led to take lemon and water after all the trouble I’d been through, after all the money I’d spent and after a month I had only scars and totally healed. The solution was in my kitchen.

She offered a message of hope to those dealing with unresolved skin issues.

I WANT TO SAY GOD CARES ABOUT THE SMALLEST THINGS.And he will lead you to make the right decisions if you call on him

Another star who has been open about her skin condition has been Avril, who frequently shows her skin in revealing Instagram pictures to encourage girls.

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