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Ametoka mbali! Mercy Masika shares cute TBT photo of herself in class 6

Gospel singer Mercy Masika made her big breakthrough in the music industry with her massive hit “Mwema” which was released back in 2014.

The lady became a darling among Kenyans with many (even those who don’t follow gospel music) tuning in to listen to the song which has racked up an impressive 14.7 million views so far.

But what many might not know is that before Mercy’s biggest hit she had been working in the industry from a young age and that her hit wasn’t a fluke but due to consistent hard work.

The Shule Yako singer reminded fans of how far back she had come from when she posted an old photo of herself on the vintage cassette album.

And that wasn’t even the most interesting thing about her, she was also rocking a fro on her head! “This was me in 6th grade and this was my second album(cassette). I did not come here to play. One of the songs in this album was titled “I came on business for the King”. I am grateful.”

Many fans were left impressed and surprised by her TBT celebrating the musician who celebrated 13 years of marriage to her husband David Muguro.

Even in marriage, Mercy shows us the value of persistence. Just last month, the mother of two revealed that the first stages in marriage were hell.

Speaking on the Bun in the Oven show on Picha Clear YouTube channel, Mercy said that the couple used to have arguments daily over anything. “I think when people get married at first differences are for real,” she said.

After finding out she was pregnant, she did two pregnancy tests, which all turned out positive. “I don’t know if I was excited because I was mad at that time and I walked into the sitting room and told David I am pregnant. He actually became a nice person all of a sudden,” Mercy remembered.

Her pastor husband narrated how they were financially unstable at that time and he had lost his job just before they got married. When Masika broke the news to him, he was still jobless. “I wanted a child but I didn’t know when. So when she told me she was pregnant, I found myself in a confusing state. My question was, why would she get pregnant at this time when she knew of our situation?” David narrated.

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