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Don’t go chasing marriage! Mercy Kyallo tells trolls hounding her

Betty Kyallo’s fame is so much so that its spillover effects have made her sister Mercy Kyallo a force to reckon with online. Her Instagram page alone has a large following of over 300k.

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But that summation alone would be to take away from her charming/infectious personality and her business nous as the Yallo Leather founder. Mercy, who is Betty’s younger sister normally has some fascinating insights that she reveals on her page.

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

This week the entrepreneur used a quote by Kenyan Tycoon Dr Chris Kirubi to respond to the people who have been harassing her for being single and not married yet.

Mercy Kyallo in black and white
Mercy Kyallo in black and white

The quote described marriage as something that one doesn’t go looking for, but it comes to a person just like a blessing. She went on to say that if you chase marriage, you will end up with the wrong partner.

“To our online aunties & uncles (bado hujaolewa trolls) ‘Marriage comes to you and it is a blessing, but you don’t go chasing it around because you will get the wrong partner. If I’m blessed then I will be blessed,’ Chris Kirubi,” read Ms Kyallo’s post.

Mercy posing
Mercy posing

I am still not sure about Mercy’s age but that still should not be a factor in anyone dictating what she does with her life.

To wit; Her body, her choice, her life, her responsibility. Let her be.

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