‘Apambane na hali yake na hio mtumba’ Wakanai says on whether men should take care of their kids after their women move on with someone else

The debate on whether a man should continue to take care of his kids after his wife moves on with someone else elicits a lot of conflict.

Most men argue that it is the responsibility of the new man to take care of the kids,women on the other hand argue that the biological father should be the ones taking responsibility .


During the morning show on Classic 105 listeners were given a chance to air their view and here is what they had to say.

“Women give us men a lot of pressure,you take care of someone and then someone else takes over from you even before your finish on your contract,that is not a good thing.

When you show a woman a good life and then abruptly cut it believe you me she will go looking for it out there.”


Wakanai who is Classic’s biggest fan says

“If you can afford to buy a new car straight from the exhibition,why would i continue using a second hand car?

If a woman leaves my house,she is like a second hand car which i have already used then you want to keep reminding me of all the problems the car brought me.

The other man is supposed to pambana na hali yake aendelee na the second hand goods na mashida zake,The woman i have now is my car and it is the one i am taking care of .”

He concludes

“Second hand cars have problems mara imechemka ,mara inamwaga oil,hata sisi wanaume tuko na maringo and we don’t use second hand things.”

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