‘I deactivated all my social media accounts after getting too much unwanted attention from women Married city man brags:Audio

Men have on different occasions been termed weak especially when it comes to matters of the heart involving women regardless of how prominent the man is.

Hard as it may be to believe men are more prone to sleeping with random women they have met on facebook and other social media platforms with many asking’ Kama ni wewe ungefanya?”.

During the Morning show by Maina Kageni and his co-host Kingangi one caller caught the attention of many after candidly admitting that he deactivated his social media accounts because of too much attention from women.

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He says

“I have been a victim ,i work at the port and whenever i post a photo some women like and comment on the posts and go to an extent of having a relationship with them which ended up in bed.

They DM me and we start communicating and they then ask for my number and set up a meeting,i work at the ports in Mombasa and some of these women travel from as far as Thika and Eldoret.”

On being asked why he entertains them ,he says

“Hawa watu hata ukiwakataza hawataki kuskia and when they finally meet you they look for that one thing they like about you and stick themselves to you.I decided to deactivate all my social media accounts to avoid all these temptations and finally gave my life to Christ.”

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He concludes

“I have repented off all my sins,for now i can never go back to social media ,id rather have my legs and hands cut but niingie mbinguni,.”

Another man says

“I was on social media and my wife would keep inquiring what i am doing on social media yet she is also there.Whenever i posted a photo and other women liked it that was a recipe for disaster.

If by any chance a lady commented by calling me dear,my wife would cause chaos even for weeks,yet when men called her the same name and i ask about it ,she would defend herself by saying that ‘dear’ is just a name with no hidden intentions to it.”

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