Men protest ruling allowing married women to inherit land from their fathers

Today’s morning conversation was based on a court ruling by the Environment and Land Court in Nyeri entitling married women the right to inherit land.

The ruling made by Justice Lucy Waithaka asserted that married women should not be excluded during the sharing of their fathers land, given that they are entitled to their fathers estate contrary to customary laws.

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Here is what Classic 105’s listeners had to say on the matter

“Our men could not even protect our national anthem let women take all the land”

Another says

“That will be the biggest excuse for girls not to get married, now the courts will be flooded by cases of land.”

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Another caller adds that the ruling has set in motion more trouble rather than creating a solution

“Let me correct you Maina, we are talking about land, this is where my sons will be brought up, my sister will move to another family and she will be continuing their lineage.

That means ajipange na the other family if things go bad when she is there too bad for her, the only thing I can do is go listen to the dispute and offer a solution.

In my community (Nandi) women are not allowed to inherit land so she has not business coming back to claim land.

The courts think they are creating a solution yet they are creating even bigger problems.

Kuna wanaume sasa watauza these shambas haraka so that by the time the women are coming to claim they find nothing.”


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