Men open up on why they live in fear of being killed by their wives

Maina Kageni was left in utter shock during today’s morning conversation after men confessed that they live in constant fear of being killed by their wives.

The debate was like opening a pandora’s box and below is what the callers had to say

“If you wrong a woman who loves you unconditionally do no take her forgiveness easily, she will revenge in a way that you will never forget.”

Wakanai also calls in to give in his views and here is what he had to say

“Maina, women  are serial killers and don’t ask how we know this because we live with them.

If robbers came into your house and decided they want to kill one person that is when you will know that your wife is not your sister.

She will kill you even before those robbers, women are somehow evil because they are the only ones who have come face to face with the devil (After eating the forbidden fruit).

Even when we are sitting down at home to have dinner we always silently say a prayer for God to protect us.”

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Another caller adds

“I concur with Kanai, we do not know the devil but women do so they should be feared.

In my house I cannot trust my wife or any other woman I was married but we recently parted. I came back home from work only to come back to an empty house.

If the woman you trust can do that to you who else can you trust?.

The only person I trust is my mother because she bore me if she was not interested in me she would have aborted me.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another caller adds

“Maina, it is true that women are to be feared. When I got married to  my wife  and we welcomed our second born the threats started coming in in all forms.

She would threaten to poison the kids and then drink the poison herself. Sometimes she would threaten to burn all of us.

If a woman can threaten to poison her own kids whom she carried for nine moths, what about you a person she met during her adulthood?.

We live in constant fear.”

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