Men on the fake life of social media and Kenyan women


Whats is this obsession with creating a fake life on social media?

Is social media making many Kenyan women live a fake life?

Today on the morning conversation, Classic 105’s Maina Kageni tackled the topic of people living a glamourous online life yet their reality is not true.

Maina had a conversation with a young gentleman who said he doesn’t know whether to make things serious with his girlfriend.


The young man told Maina that ‘The only reason holding them is the fact that the girlfriend they see on social media and the one they have next to them are two totally different human beings.’

Maina confessed that these young men are feeling short changed coz what they see is the most beautiful thing ever.

Mwalimu Kingangi added his own question to the mix ‘Do women want real men? Men want to settle down lakini wamechanganyikiwa, they are confused TOTALLY, he insisted. 

Male listeners called to complain about how unreal women were. They said women they saw on social media are not the same they saw in real life.  They felt deceived about all that life.

How to dress like the fashionable Alpha female that you are! 

Women were of opinion that men were to be blamed. They were giving them the pressure to look good so they gave them what they asked for. The qualities that men were looking for in ladies were so high that makes them to do all they can to meet them. That included the filters and the makeup apps that they used to make their social media photos to enhance their beauty. They said that men will not appreciate them if they were real because they needed beautiful and curvy women.

Celebrities who’ve ventured into the fashion world and are nailing it!

Other comments were; Maina nobody will like your photo if you are a Njeri. You have to make sure your tummy is flat and your butt is so curvy to have their attention.

We have to filter our pictures and use apps to make our shapes look good. We will also nyonya your money and postpone our meetings before we meet.

You cant blame the ladies but the society which is pushing them to do so. If you have a look at these celebreties hakna mtu ameo dem anakaa mkate all of them look. This makes these ladies to do the same especially in this generation where everybody is of light complexion. There is no job so these ladies take all there time to make there physical appearance better. They need to fake it till they make it.

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