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‘Men should not be your ATM machine,’ Akothee tells her daughter

Akothee, has taken to social media to write an open letter to her daughter Vesha on her birthday.

The single mother of five advised Vesha not to compare her life with whatever she sees online since the internet is full of fake people living fake lifestyles.

She wrote in part;

“Tell your fellow agemates to concentrate on their lives and leave the internet alone. Nobody is posting their weaknesses, failures & life’s frustrations online! Follow celebrities for fun, never compare your life with things you see on social media ,never be carried away with relationship hypes you see on social media, kwa ground life is hard…concentrate on your life @veshashillan.”

Akothee went on to advise her daughter that any man she will accept in her life, should be based on companionship and friendship.

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Akothee with Vesha Okello
Akothee with Vesha Okello

“Any man in your life should be a companion, a soulmate and a friend, not your ATM MACHINE! If you want or looking for a rich man, go marry the bank.”

She encouraged her daughter to take time before she settles down with any man for marriage.

“Take your time to date. Never settle for less in the Rush of community, there is no timeline i/ deadline as to when one should get married. Any man in your life should be worth the living, you are either living together or dying together. Never entertain any form of violence or disrespect from a partner.”

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