Men, Listen Up! These Are The Clothes Women Find SEXIEST On You…

Many men find navigating clothing stores a minefield and struggle to know what suits them.

But they have been given a helping hand by style-savvy single women who have stepped in to tell them what they think looks best on men.

Thousands of fashion-forward Reddit users replied to a thread asking: ‘Ladies, what type of outfit/clothing looks the best on men?’

Some of the least surprising answers included a well-tailored suit or fitted pair of jeans, which have long been go-to looks for men on dates.

But there were also more unlikely offerings, such as ‘black skinny jeans’, ‘band t-shirts’ or ‘flannel shirts’.¬†Some women even said sports tops were their top pick.

One woman wrote: ‘A long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up looks good on literally everyone. There is no body type for which it doesn’t work. It looks more put together than just a t-shirt while not looking too formal or stuffy.’

Another explained: ‘Three words: Rolled up sleeves. Its the same answer every time. I guess a lot of women like forearms.’

Many of the women favoured a laid-back look on men but stressed the importance of well-fitting jeans.

One wrote: ‘Jeans and either a normal t-shirt, or a button down. But I swear to god, not dad jeans. You know the ones.

‘Blue jeans that are either dark or light in color that are form fitting are best. I like a man with a nice butt so I can give it a squeeze.’

Others believe a more formal look can’t be beat.

‘A well fitted suit is stunning,’ one woman posted. ‘A badly fitted one has exactly the opposite effect.’

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