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Men like messy divorces – Mike Mondo

On the Thursday morning February 10th conversation, Mike Mondo wanted to know why men like messy endings to their relationships.

Mike gave an example of a friend and opened up the discussion to the audience ‘I have seen couples go through messy separations unakuta bwana anafukuza bibi na watoto na ni yeye anafaa kutoka ama anayang’anya bibi gari but with wazungu it’s very different.’

One fan responded saying @ErickDerick77 ‘men we make it loud and messy to make sure there is no chances of going back!’

Most men are dating themselves, wives have left mentally – Mike Mondo

‘You know you also need to pay for her time, he gave you her time and energy and children, aie mkiachana muachie kila kitu you can go and buy things yourself, wewe amka and take your shirt and go’ Mwalimu advised men.

But a man called in and argued that the woman should be ready to leave even a panty he bought her ‘unarudi venye ulikuwa unakuja, kama ulikuja na nguo moja rudi nayo, everything I bought you please leave behind, nitazichoma, hakuna kusumbuana,’

Another bitter man told Mike and Kingangi that ‘hatanywele alishuka nitanyoa, aende hivyo nililipia hiyo nywele, aende venye alikuja, sitachika, kama anatemeba namakeup nuilimnunulia kutesa akina Brianalete aende, unacheza ujenge mtu umpake rangi hehe mna cheza’

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