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‘All men are liars and cheat, settle for a rich one,’ Noti Flow advises women

Singer Noti flow has concluded that she would rather settle with a rich man and cry in a five star than some rugged place.

Well, her conclusion to this is that all men are liars and they will cheat.

She wrote;

I’ve realized all men are liars & cheats. Settle for a rich one. It’s better to cry in a 5 star than in some rugged place.”

She further added that girls who attack other girls and forgives the cheating boyfriends look dump and stupid.

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Recently she said that she would dump a cheating boyfriend and condemned Size 8 for using ‘Prayers’ as a way to forgive a cheating partner.

“Mi si Size 8 ati you cheat on me then we blame it on the devil and pray for it. Bruuh, I know my worth. I know I’m enough and if you can’t see that get out.”


“You cheat on me, i dump your a**. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Let’s explore.”

Size 8 forgave her husband DJ Mo and went for fasting to pray for the marriage.



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