Husband for hire!!All you need is Ksh 50k or 100k to help you keep off nosy relatives this Christmas,read details below

Christmas season is around the corner and the pressure from relatives on when one is getting married is about to get real.

Many are looking for excuses on why they should not go home but worry not because Omwami and Omera Ltd have you covered.

Their motto being ‘explore our amazing limited offers this festive season’, they promise to give a tall, dark handsome, God-fearing gentleman.

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The one thing that might give them a plus is that you pay after seeing and liking what you see. The company has two packages, the ksh50,000 one and the ksh100,000 one.

For ksh50,000, you get to have the man for 5 hours, a story on how you met which is at a church retreat and 2 pictures of the two of you on social media. If the need is too much then you can have him for a whole day.

Here the two of you can be in matching outfits, a strong background story, he will present funny Christian ones, offer to pray before a certain meal, he will hold your hand often and even a kiss on the cheek.


The man will also offer you young brother advice on what it takes to be a man, he will refer to your parents as mum and dad and more to that speak in tongues.

The second guy worth ksh100,000 can actually convince your nosy aunties you are taken.

More details are in the above memo ,all you gotta do is pay and you are sorted.

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