Men don’t trust telling wives about wills for fear of ‘disappearing’

Fellas, have you written your lastwill and testament?

Apparently many won’t even contemplate it, according to confessions on the Furahiday topic with Maina Kageni.

Maina referred to the will left by the late Sir Charles that clearly stipulated what he has and who gets what, and Kageni asked men why they don’t do this to avoid lots of drama about their property.

‘they made their wishes known, and will be implemented. How can you not tell your family what you want done with your property when you are gone? We are not going to live forever . Does your woman know where your money is?And does she know how you want it distributed? Why do we dear writing wills in Kenya? Tunaogopa nini and you know we will not live for 500 years? Why do we find it taboo? We are all going to go, hakuna mtu atakaa hapa kaa mawe’

Several men responded that they fear their wives will kill them.

‘i am married and no I do not have a will what for? My wife is aware of only 20 per cent of my property, the rest is known by my parents and siblings. You don’t tell these idiots anything,’

Another man told Kageni ‘what happens is that when you tell your partner some things change, anaeza enda nazo, these things are complicated ebu imagine unandikia will alafu when you die , anaenda nazo,’

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