Men can’t make sh50,000 last a month like a woman – Mike Mondo

On the Monday morning conversation November 29, the topic was about women being better money managers than men.

Mike Mondo, sitting in for Maina Kageni, said most Kenyan men cannot make a coin last the month. ‘It is known very well that women are better financial managers than men s how many of you are willing when you get your salary this month to give it to your woman to manager. Why don’t yo do that?’

He even challenged a man to tell him how long he would last with 50,000 shillings, and the man said not a week, infact he told Mike it will last three days, and he couldn’t explain how he spent it.

Mike then told it it makes sense that his woman should manage his salary ‘Alot of men by the fifth of the month mshahara imeisha, so give it to your wife she manages it for you’


Dear men, are you convinced to let your wife manage your finances?

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