Pic shows: Liang Yuxiang.nnA Chinese granddad is putting his fellow countrymen to shame after showing off his eight-pack abs and professing his love for the great outdoors.nnThe 61-year-old outdoorsman with oblique muscles cut from diamonds has been a regular gym-goer for at least 10 years and is also a huge fan of rallying and paragliding.nnLiang Yuxiang, known affectionately as "Uncle Liang", is proud to see photos of his incredible body being shown across the country, as it is proof of his philosophy ¿ that the elderly should have dreams too.nnThe native of Chengdu, capital of south-west China¿s Sichuan Province, worked in rubber and clothing factories during his youth and also took a job in his father¿s clothing factory, until he finally started his own business in 1991.nnHis company, which produces lamps and lights, has been operating smoothly ever since. So smoothly, in fact, that it caused something of a midlife crisis in his late 40s.nnAround the year 2000, Liang¿s friend persuaded him to go on a long-distance road trip overseas. The friend also talked him into going to gym in order to stay fit enough for that and future journeys.nnHe has been working out now for over 10 years, first purchasing a gym membership and then later turning a section of his factory into a private gymnasium ¿ which he encourages his employees to use as well.nnLiang said: "Nowadays a lot of people see bodybuilding as an internet ¿ I see bodybuilding as my hobby."nnSurprisingly the overly manly man¿s fit body is not the result of a strict diet, as he eats whatever he wants, when he wants.nnHe added: "The only dieting principle I follow is that we should only fill our stomachs to about 70 percent.nn"Other than that I eat whatever I want because I believe the body¿s cravings are its way of telling us what we¿re lacking ¿ and I particularly love eating meat."nnLiang regularly took his family on road trips across Europe and the United States, but even those holidays eventually lost their thrill.nnIn 2008 Liang took his love for long-distance driving to the next level by competing in the Taklimakan Rally, in the deserts of north-west China, with his son, Liang Xi.nnHe immediately became hooked on the extreme sport, and his dream is to now become China¿s oldest ever representative at the world-famous Dakar Rally ¿ hosted in South America since 2009.nnThe decision came after he and his son visited the Dakar Rally ¿ also known as the "Death Rally" ¿ tracks in South America in 2012.nnLiang said: "When I saw people at the rally in their 50s and 60s, I knew they weren¿t racers. But I knew they all dreamt of racing.nn"The sight told me that even the elderly should have dreams to chase."nnArmed with his 4 million RMB (432,970 GBP) rally car, Liang¿s immediate goal is to compete in the 2016 Silk Way Rally from Russian capital Moscow to Chinese capital Beijing.nnHe added: "I¿ll never give up my dreams of competing in the Dakar Rally. If I can¿t make it in 2017, then I will join in 2018."nn(ends)

‘Kitambi ni bidii yangu,’ Absurd excuses men give to avoid losing weight (Audio)

Women have been accused of kujiachilia, while men also have pot bellies, it is women who are ridiculed and bashed while the later go.

Truth be told, women add weight for various reasons ranging from family planning, hormonal imbalance and child delivery thus many are still battling with baby fat years later.

During the Classic 105 breakfast show hosted by Mike Mondo who was sitting in for Maina Kageni fans men were given a chance to speak candidly on If they would  dump their woman after she gains weight and the responses are heartbreaking.

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Here is what they had to say:

“You cant leave a woman because they have grown a potbelly, especially if you are married, just encourage her to work out till she gets where she is comfortable. Leaving her is like you admitting that you only want to be with slay queens.”



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Another Classic 105 caller adds:

“Women let go especially after they deliver, as a man, my potbelly ni bidii yangu, but for a woman to have a pot belly it means that she is eating too much fatty food and doing no exercises at all.”

Just when you think the men are done justifying themselves, another male caller says:

“When I married my wife she was slim, and I love slim women as the years went on she has added weight and I am ok with how she is now, I cannot leave her what I wouldn’t want is for her to add to an extent of becoming over weight.

Personally I have added 10 kgs and I am now at 92 from my previous weight and its not like I’m just seating, eating and doing nothing. I just don’t know where the weight is coming from. But men should also lose weight, its not only women who should do this.”

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Listen below for more on this gripping conversation…


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