Is a man obligated to feed the kids of a single mother he is dating if they are not married?

Single mothers have often been targeted by single women in the society for one reason or the other with some claiming single mothers are ‘loose’.

But that aside single mothers do not have it easy when it comes to the dating scene since most men are clueless on how to handle the woman and her ‘baggage’.

While some people argue that once a man decides to go out with a single mother automatically assumes responsibility of them both some disagree with this line of thinking stating that the man is not obligated to such responsibilities.

The question is If a man is dating a woman with kids is he wrong to go to her house with dinner just for two.


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Is he obligated to feed the kids as well?here are some of the opinions given by different people regarding the matter

irynnbernieIf you like the pumpkin, you should like the flower too

didi_pearseYou have a date in her house yes you are obligated to feed the kids too,if you are interested in her so should you with the kids,those kids are part of her common it’s not an outside date just for two.

thenamez_ndyHe is obligated to! If not stay single! That’s a very childish man!

chigbenny_coutureA single mum shouldnt let a man visit her home while her children are living with her, show them kids some respect. If they are thinking of getting married then she can hang out with the kids sometimes and see how he treats her kids. My opinion though….

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meet_treasureWell ,You can’t come into her life and leave the kids out ,you accepting them might enhance her accepting

joeboysean dinner for 2 is what it is, it’s not about being heartless…if they were going out on date, would you expect him to take her kids along too?…..what makes her even think the kids are starving? We always act like we are nice and caring with so much love in our hearts, but it’s a big LIE! We only do things for the camera.

seso_unlimitedA man dating a lady wv kids,should kn d kids r his responsibility too…. Love me love my dog is d 🔑.

[email protected] yes really. People make too much demands from men these days and they end up not really knowing who the man is because the man tries to impress too much and he get wat he wants= he leaves early. If u see a man training kids of his lover, it happens yes but over time because he wants to help her “she has become a priority to him” ON HIS WILL . U can’t meet someone briefly and expect him to assume d role of a father to your children. No because he doesn’t care. If he does dat, he’s trying to impress you. If he doesn’t allow him to be himself . Allow him to know you. If you get important to him, trust me u will not even have to ask . This is d initial stage Nd u ain’t even dat important to him talk more of ur kids. If u subject him to do it, my sister he will do it , get wat he wants, and leave immediately.

[email protected] no. It shows some sense of responsibility over the kids which is not necessary YET.

Well whats your opinion?state it out in the comment section

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