Mejja shares hilariously relatable tale about his mother

I have the utmost respect for mothers.

And the same goes for rapper Mejja, who let us in on a secret about his dear mother.

While sharing a beautiful picture of her, Mejja revealed he was a victim of canning at home. Kids of today will never know what a horror it was when mum or dad spanked a child for misbehaving.

The perils of being beaten continue to live with Mejja as he wrote about it saying

My Mum Khadija!!!! LaKiNi Haribu Kitambaa UtaJua UJui Kichapo Galore Lol😂😂😂😂But I Love Her Hiyo Kichapo Ndio Imefanya Niwe Mimi!!!!


So many of us live with memories of not sitting on dad’s chair, or having to put up with plastic covers on the seas all to keep off dirt. Anyway that’s all in the past as Mejja indicated. She raised a champion.

The Genge rapper has been showing off his new girlfriend after being dumped by his wife via text message.

The father of one in an interview with Word Is confessed he was depressed and started feeling suicidal following her exit from their marital home.

“We had not disagreed, actually we were so happy. I was in Thika and I got her message asking me if I had arrived well. I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘Move on with your life’,” he said.

“The next time I called her, she neither received nor returned my calls.”


We are happy he has found love again, and wish him the best.

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