We parted ways in 2020 – Mejja confirms split from his wife

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kenyan rapper Mejja has seen a career resurgence these past two years. The man has become the collabo king with a well-timed verse from the lanky rapper being enough to get your song repeat airplay.

As such, people have become more interested in his personal life, which makes sense. People are curious beings-we like finding out more about the people we watch/ listen to.

So that means Mejja’s private life is under the microscope at the moment with the increased success that he has been having in his career.

Mejja aka Okwonkwo has for the first time spoken about the status of his marriage. He did so with Tuko.Co.Ke where he said they parted way amicably in December 2020. The artiste did not disclose the exact reason or cause of their split but confirmed it was mutual.

”Me and my wife are not together at the moment. It is one of those cases I myself cannot understand. It is confusing because we were just fine, in layman’s language I would say she found her happiness in something else and it is her right, same way I would have wanted her to understand me. Everyone is supposed to be happy. It is so hard to let a girl go not because she did anything wrong to you but just because maybe she wanted to find her happiness in something else, for example a job,” Mejja said.

He said that it had been a tough decision for him and his wife, ”We parted ways in December 2020, and it depressed me. Have tried talking to her twice about this but we have not come to a solution because it is a very tricky issue. I wish the happiness she wanted was something I could get from the shop, I would have given her.”

Adding, ”She is a good mum and will thank her because she changed my life. She made me a prayerful man and she was my number one fan. She used to help me when writing lyrics.” Mejja stated.

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