Meghan Markle’s half sister savagely attacks her on social media

Weeks after the royal wedding Meghan Markle’s half sister is still a bitter woman for not being invited to the wedding thus trolling her sister online.

Initially Samantha Markle had ranted about Meghan’s coat of arms on Sunday, claiming the design ‘looks like it was drawn by someone in a kindergarten classroom’, she turned her attention back to wedding invitations – or lack thereof. ….

According to Daily Mail Meghan’s sister went to an extent of calling Prince Harry a wuss in Kenyan slang that would mean ‘Kukaliwa chapati’.

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She wrote

“Harry is a “wuss” to allow the Duchess of Nonsense to mistreat everyone who has been close to her, especially her family. Diana would be ashamed. Stop wearing Meg’s skivvies and bra and take your pants off of her !”

Meghan Markle with her hubby Prince Harry
Meghan Markle with her hubby Prince Harry

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During a tweet storm on Monday, Samantha revealed it had been 10 years since she had communicated at all with her half sister, but told followers it wasn’t only her side of the family snubbed on May 19. ….

Samantha goes to an extent of claiming that the duchess of Sussex is arrogant.

She wrote,

“No folks… she is the one who has made a mess of things by her arrogance and disregard. Family merely responded to her indignance.”

The only member of Meghan’s family present at her wedding earlier this month was her mother, Doria Ragland. While her father, Thomas Markle, was invited, heart problems prevented him from making the high profile ceremony. ….

Meghan Markle and her mum Doria Ragland
Meghan Markle and her mum Doria Ragland

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She pointed out on Monday Meghan’s mother’s side of the family were also not invited to the ceremony.
Meghan married Prince Harry on May 19, in the presence of many a-lister friends, and hundreds of community heroes from countries in the Commonwealth

Meghan’s half siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr. did not score an invite – something Samantha has remained angry about in the lead up to and following the wedding. ….
Doria Ragland has two half siblings, Joseph Johnson and Saundra Johnson, but neither were present on Meghan’s big day.

Here are some of the responses Samantha from the public due to the constant attack on her sister.





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