Meghan Markle with husband Harry and their new born son.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally introduce their son to the world

Meghan Markle stunned well-wishers when she stepped out in a white dress to present Baby Sussex in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle today.

The Duchess of Sussex, who welcomed her first born just two days ago, looked remarkably chic in a bespoke white trench dress.

Meghan and Harry introduced their baby, who is yet to be named, at St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.

Meghan secretly gave birth 8 hours earlier, returned home before announcement 

Prince Harry and Meghan doting at their son
Prince Harry and Meghan doting at their son

New mum Meghan described the experience as “magic” adding “I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.”

She went on to say the new arrival has the “sweetest temperament” adding “he’s the dream” with proud dad Harry adding “I wonder where he gets that from.”

There are as yet no details of the birth; whether the Duchess had to be induced, for example.

What we do know is that the baby boy weighing 7lbs 3oz, born at 5.26am on Monday, was healthy. Doctors and midwives will have checked both mother and son to look for any signs that something may be wrong. Happily there were none.

It is thought Harry and Meghan spent around four hours at the hospital getting to know their new arrival before the prince alerted the outside world.

And it is at this stage, around 9.30am, that things start to get a little unclear. Harry is believed to have contacted aides to let them know that all was well and that he was the proud father of a son.

But it was not for several hours – at 1.49pm – that the Palace released a statement saying that Meghan was in labour, even though she had in fact already given birth some eight hours earlier.

Below are the photos of their baby

Prince Harry holding his new born son



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