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Meet Zul Talski, Tahidi High ‘teacher’ who has left women drooling- Photos

Tahidi High actor Zul Talaski is not only talented but he is handsome.So handsome that women cannot help but drool he is giving men a reason to be scared.

Going by comments by women it is obvious that they all wouldn’t mind having a piece of him.

doreen_doll:Hotness in all shades

prax_brandy:Aww😊🔥 why you this cute 😁😁

silviaalusa:Yes am ready but for you are soo handsome am ready but I don’t know what GOD has restored for me.💙

ivy.428:Whoever said no one is perfect wen it comes to looks was wrong, here is the living proof.

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Tahid High Actor
Tahid High Actor

damarischristal:Gosh…. That smile always kills me softly

ojodehmarion:I just love you

pure_jem:Woi madada zangu…😂😂😂this boy child murdering the girl child. .ooh nywele..ooh macho ..ooh ooh i beg his just bt a normal human. Just who decided to do thier speciality..hadi wengine ndo wanajua kuokoka.wololo😋😜#thinking out loud no offence taken😉

Below are the photos

zul talaksi,Tahidi High actor
zul talaksi
zul talaksi

Meet the beautiful wife and kids left behind by billionaire Reginald Mengi


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