Meet the woman who adopted Bahati after his mother died – Photos

Bahati recently introduced us to the woman who picked him up in Mathare after he lost his mum and schooled him and other unfortunate kids.

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua had hosted his ‘mum’ at their home and going by the photos it is obvious that they were excited to meet each other.

He took to social  media to remind people that no matter what, never forget where you come from.

MY SHORT STORY : A few years after I lost my mum I met this white lady in Mathare Slums; Name: THOURUN from Iceland who decided to take me as her own son.

She took me back to school and even sacrificed to stay in Kenya to take care of me and other street kids who joined us to make ABC Kenya Children’s Home.

She became a mother that I never had and from her is where I learned how to give and sacrifice for others to have a good life. (Maybe this is the reason I get sick if I don’t support others in their lives & careers) It was passed to me by #Thourun°

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Bahati with his wife Diana and his foster parents
Bahati with his wife Diana and his foster parents

According to Bahati having been helped at some point has enabled him have a giving heart something he will never get tired of.

Since then no matter what I go through to me GIVING HAS BEEN A CALLING 🙏 And now this pic here was one of my most humbling moment.

That the person who even bought my first house shopping to encourage me in being independent – Today she visits me in my own house/home and even to Thank God with me as we receive our fourth born child.

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May God Bless you #Thourun & your husband Sammy bcoz of you, I went to school and I will never forget to say ‘Thank you’ to your hand that once fed me.

One day when I get rich I will build a Children’s Home like yours… BUT TODAY MY PRAYER IS THAT WITH LONG LIFE MAY GOD SATISFY YOU IN JESUS NAME.

Bahati’s mum also took the time to visit Bahati’s adopted son, Morgan.

Morgan Bahti
Morgan Bahati

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